Innovation Strategy

Innovation must be prioritized if a competitive advantage is to be maintained. Despite the possibility of creating the next disruptive alternative to meet a market need, it is an ongoing conflict that could become a challenging daily struggle, particularly for companies with global reach.

A complicated workplace can provide a variety of difficulties. In our experience across all industries, there are similar challenges to developing and implementing an efficient innovation strategy and model.

Our Strategy

A thorough strategy that makes use of both your personal knowledge and our experience.

Every organization has different requirements, objectives and contexts when it comes to innovation. To analyze, create and implement an innovation model that is right for you, we combine your business knowledge with Integration's innovation expertise.

Our method, which is divided into four main parts, guarantees a thorough understanding of the main problems and how to solve them.

How do I feel about innovation? What value does innovation add? How ready am I to try something new?

Innovación Reconocer los esfuerzos innovadores de la empresa.

Recognize your motivation to create.

Define the investment thesis and positioning of the target innovation.

Determine the level of innovation of the segment as a benchmark.

What other types of invention are there? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the models? What is wrong with each model?

A list of possible innovation models with their advantages and disadvantages, risks, innovation readiness level and "Make or Buy" analysis.

Description of the innovation model and opportunities in light of the company's weaknesses and potential.

How can I structure internally to support the selected model? What kind of investment is required?

Definition of structures using an agile methodology.

Tools and methods for innovation.

The connection between business sectors and innovation is ensured through governance.

Determination of the cost and financing model through financial simulation.

What steps will be taken to implement the given model? What work fronts and governance configurations are needed for implementation?

A plan for implementation.

Project leaders, workflows, governance and teams are described.

Ecosystem analysis and evaluation for the selected model