Partner Relationship Model

How to build win-win partnerships with partners that provide strategic alignment in exchange for close visibility, control and financial incentives.

Many companies employ intermediaries in their Go-to-Market strategy, either to reach fragmented channels or to leverage partners' specific execution skills. When a direct sales strategy is not viable, indirect partners such as franchisees, distributors, wholesalers and brokers may seem like a perfect solution to economically increase distribution expenses and provide the best service to consumers.

Working with partners in this way is not always simple and can lead to problems with performance standards, channel competition or price control.


Our Strategy

Customized and modular solutions that fit your situation

Each customer has a unique scenario, set of objectives and set of criteria while using the indirect channel. We combine your understanding of your business, Indirect Channel Integration expertise and a technology that enables a holistic approach to all issues.

Our strategy is divided into three stages, each of which focuses on one of the critical issues that must be addressed to build a unique solution for the client:

The key phrase here is "NEED": what are the real needs with the indirect channel.

In this section, we determine if my current partner network meets my demands.

Now comes the "partnership" part: collaborating with others is not just about goals and needs.

Our Strategy

We assist with "greenfield projects" (providing a comprehensive solution from planning to implementation) as well as "resets" (adjusting strategy or operations, both internally and externally with the partner network).

We serve our clients in two different circumstances:

Businesses that are already operating in the indirect channel and are looking for ways to improve.

Our method allows our customers:

  • Rethink your strategy.
  • Evaluate commercial and financial opportunities in the alternative path.
  • Evaluate the current network of partners and set achievable improvement objectives for each.
  • Improve the internal and external procedures of the partner relationship model.

Companies that want to launch their indirect channel operations from a solid base but have not yet done so.

Nuestro enfoque ayuda a nuestros clientes a:

  • Definition of your objectives and strategy through the indirect channel.
  • Determination of the optimal partner network based on customer requirements.
  • Location and evaluation of potential customers.
  • Equipment and process structuring is required to support the indirect channel.
  • The relationship model with the future network is defined.